Providing Resources and Outreach to Urban Dogs

P.R.O.U.D. Detroit


PROUD Detroit was founded on February 1, 2015; we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization striving to improve the lives of the dogs of Detroit and the surrounding area. PROUD Detroit was inspired by the many dogs that were assisted by our founder, Niki Grabowski, in the year prior to starting PROUD Detroit. Ashlee, Sadie, Tyson, Nala, Baby A, Cleo, Loveall dogs found on the streets of Detroit whose lives were made better because someone cared.

That is what PROUD Detroit doeswe make dogs' lives better. We find the lost, home the homeless, feed the hungry, mend the broken and love the unloved. These things are the foundation of PROUD Detroit, where we know that love changes everything!

The video below highlights ten of our dogs who fought against great odds and won. It is an excellent example of the work we do and the way that our donors' money is used to make the lives of our dogs better. Enjoy!



A Message From Our Founder:

I have been an animal advocate all of my life, starting as a little girl on a dirt road who often brought home strays to be fed, housed and loved. After working in the nonprofit sector for years and continuing the pattern of bringing home strays, and with a lot of encouragement from friends and loved ones, I started PROUD Detroit.

Some of the special dogs who inspired PROUD Detroit are shown in the albums of our Facebook Page - there is a story as well as photos of each. Some of you may know me from my work with Sean and Love and may have been supporters of them or one of my many other rescue dogs - thank you! There's not a dog in our albums whose life is not better thanks to your love, care and contributions.

Niki Bright, Founder
PROUD Detroit


All funds raised go toward vetting (including spaying/neutering), food, treats, monthly preventives (Heartgard, Frontline Plus) and other needs for our dogs in foster care as well as other dogs in our program. In addition to monetary donations, our Amazon Wish List provides a list of items we will graciously accept. If a dog needs it, we accept it! Gently used donations are also appreciated; items need not be new.